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Comment: About Us Tiflis Development Tiflis Development “Tiflis Development”, Development Company under “Georgian- Kazakh Investment Group”, was established in May 2007. It actively and effectively covers spaces in different regions of Georgia, mainly in Tbilisi. “Tiflis Development” offers range of residential and office spaces. It constructs high quality, modern architectural buildings, of which every detail is suited to comfort clients.
Business Center on Belinski
Tbilisi, Old Tbilisi, Vera, Chovelidze st
Newly renovated
2318888, 555965554
Projects Residential Offices Commercial Hotels Business Center on Belinski A class "Business Center on Belinski" is located in the city center, in particular in one of the Tbilisi's historic district, Vera, Chovelidze (Belinski) # 10a. There are the renovated and furnished office floors for rent in the Office building. Organizations are able to enjoy the business center with: - Completed renovated offices - Fully furnished offices - Restaurant with open terrace - Conference Rooms - Two-level underground and outdoor parking - Energy-efficient layout - Best location, town center - Security provided by the standard norms - Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning central system - The protection of individual offices - Cleaning Service